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Verizon FiOS Triple Play

FiOS® TV Select HD + FiOS® Internet 25/25 Mbps + FiOS® Digital Voice Unlimited

TV, Laptop, and Phone

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$ 79
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For 2 years. Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges.2
  • Verizon Van

    Premium Installation

  • Speed Graph

    FiOS® Internet provides customers more speed than they pay for. 3

  • PCMAG.COM Award
    “For all the years we've asked people about their ISPs, every single time, Verizon FiOS has come out as a winner”4

    FiOS Internet is a PC Magazine Readers' Choice Award winner 9 years in a row and consistently rated #1 by PC Magazine in speed, reliability and customer satisfaction. 4

  • Premium TV Package

    Get 50% OFF for 12 mos.! Save on premium channels when you order FiOS TV! 5

FiOS Internet

America's fastest 6, most consistent and most reliable Internet. Take your online experience to a faster level with Verizon FiOS speeds. You'll be able to do more – faster – and on more web-enabled devices.

FCC tests show that regardless of time of day, FiOS provides customers more speed than they pay for.3

  • Browse your favorite websites
  • Download music
  • Stream video with fewer interruptions

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And when you bundle FiOS Internet with TV, you can watch FiOS TV online on your favorite web-enabled devices.


America's top-rated TV service according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index – 4 years in a row. Enjoy superior picture quality, backed by the 100% fiber-optic Verizon FiOS network.

FiOS delivers the picture quality of 100% fiber optics straight to your home. You'll get hundreds of channels and access to innovative Verizon products. Features like Verizon MY FiOS and Flex View take entertainment from your living room straight to your computer and mobile devices. No matter where you go, you'll always stay connected to the latest news and entertainment.

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FiOS Digital Voice

FiOS Digital Voice provides the reliability of a 100% fiber-optic network. PLUS, more than 20 popular calling features enhance your home phone service – especially when you add Digital Voice to a Verizon FiOS bundle.

FiOS Digital Voice provides the same fiber-optic brilliance that you'll get when you order FiOS TV or Internet. The technology provides solid reliability and crystal-clear calling to anywhere in the country. Complete your FiOS package of Verizon residential services and order Digital Voice today!

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Cordless Phone

Verizon FiOS Bundles

Connect to America's largest fiber-optic network. Superior Internet, TV and phone quality. Triple Plays bring the best Verizon residential services into your home.

Get additional savings on your premium Verizon FiOS services when you combine two or more into a Double Play or Triple Play. FiOS Internet, TV and Digital Voice were designed to work together seamlessly in your home. And experts agree that FiOS® network technology is the Gold Standard for Internet and entertainment delivery.

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Laptop, TV, and Cordless Phone
FiOS Mobile App

Introducing FiOS Apps

The FiOS App lets you manage your communication tools and access your home entertainment from anywhere you travel. Easily watch movies and your favorite channels with On Demand, manage your latest uploaded photos and change your DVR schedule whenever you want. It's that easy!

Nothing good on TV? With On Demand, you'll never have that problem. With a subscription to FiOS TV and thousands of movies and TV shows at your disposal, you can access On Demand's mobile technology from anywhere you go.

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Xbox 360

Experience FiOS on the Xbox 360

Your Xbox isn't just for gaming. If you subscribe to FiOS TV, FiOS Internet and have an Xbox Live GOLD membership, you can stream live TV directly from your Xbox 360 console. Add a Kinect and browse channels and shows using just your voice! 7

Download the FiOS TV app on your Xbox 360 and select Watch Now to get started!

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TV showing Wreck-It Ralph

Verizon FiOS Premium Channels

Get the best in premium movie, sports and international programming. Watch your favorite movies and shows on premium movie channels like HBO®, SHOWTIME®, Starz®, Cinemax® and Epix.

Catch all the sports action with MLB Extra Innings, NHL Center Ice, NFL RedZone, ESPN Full Court and more.

Go global with your entertainment and choose from more than 75 international TV channels, some of which you won't find on cable!

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Computer Monitor

Experience the Verizon FiOS difference of fiber-optic technology

What is FiOS? To put it simply, Verizon FiOS offers you a completely upgraded digital experience to Verizon residential services.

Verizon FiOS is powered by fiber-optic technology, which provides the most efficient and reliable way to transmit data to your home. As the nation's largest provider of 100% fiber optics straight to the home, FiOS delivers a faster entertainment experience due to the fact that fiber can carry more content at a faster rate.

While cable companies connect to homes using copper wiring, FiOS stands alone – using bundled strands of glass that transmit digital information as pulses of light.

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Verizon FiOS Upgrades Your Home Experience

Enhanced picture quality. Faster Internet. With America's largest 100% fiber-optic network, Verizon FiOS is designed to enhance speed and clarity so you can integrate all Verizon FiOS services into your digital life.

  • View better television quality with a stunning 1080i picture.
  • Experience America's fastest 6, most consistent and most reliable Internet.
  • Get HD channels, uploading and interconnectivity.
  • Enjoy superior technology built for today and ready for what's on the horizon tomorrow.

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FiOS availability stretches across the country. If you want to learn more about FiOS availability in your area, all you have to do is enter your zip code below. It's updated regularly, so you'll always see the latest information on where FiOS is currently available.

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