What is Satellite TV and Internet Service?


Check out the timeline for satellite TV and you’ll see milestone moments.

Some prevalent moments include the launch of the first U.S. satellite, Explorer 1, in 1958. In 1962, the Telstar satellite of North America became the first launched for TV. A championship heavyweight boxing bout in 1975 catapulted TV entertainment via satellite.

They dubbed it the “Thrilla in Manilla,” when Muhammad Ali beat Joe Frazier. It became a signature success for cable TV via satellite. The early 1990s saw more satellite deployment. Improvements in technology since have created an industry that now delivers Internet service.

Satellites provide broadband Internet, especially to remote locations other carriers can’t or won’t serve. Satellite Internet and TV represent communication and entertainment options once thought impossible.

Why satellite Internet?

Dial-up users can upgrade to faster speeds and reliable signals with satellite Internet.

For satellite Internet, you won’t tie up phone lines to go online. In fact, your connection is always on, and independent of phone service. Do you have an unobstructed view of the southern sky? A satellite provider can outfit your home to receive satellite Internet and TV.

Satellite technology advancements are keeping pace with consumer needs. Internet options include speeds fast enough to stream movies and music, and download files. For Macintosh or Windows, on desktop, laptop or mobile device, satellite Internet works.

Consumers eligible for satellite Internet service can also ask about digital satellite TV. It’s an alternative where cable companies are unable or unwilling to extend service. Satellite Internet and TV are often paired to reduce cost and add convenience.

Ask your local provider about satellite TV and Internet packages.

Why satellite TV?

Satellite TV often comes at a lower price than cable. A technician installs a dish on your roof or other structure, and connects it to a box in your home. Adverse weather conditions can interrupt satellite TV service. Satellite TV providers often offer more international channels than cable.

Satellite TV providers offer streaming ability to customers on mobile devices. As satellite signal delivery improves, so too do features available to satellite customers.

Season pass packages give access to games in sports such as basketball and football. They’re a perk for satellite TV consumers. Of course, champion boxing matches are still available via satellite TV.


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