Fios Coverage in Philadelphia, PA.

The premier home service provider in Philly.

150/150 Mbps Internet, Custom TV & Home Phone

79.99 /mo
for yr 1, $84.99/mo for yr 2 with a 2-yr agmt + taxes, RSN, FDV & other fees & $12/mo. STB equip. charges1

HBO® included for 12 months. (reg. $15/mo.)1

Multi-room DVR service free for 2 years.1

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Go faster with fiber optics

With Verizon Fios, Philadelphia can upgrade to better internet.

More bandwidth

Bandwidth measures the amount of data your network can transmit simultaneously. More bandwidth means you’ll be able to use multiple devices at once. With Fios, Philadelphia subscribers can stream, game online, and more, with fiber-optic speed.

More sharing

Want to know what you can do with Fios speeds by Verizon? Philadelphia customers can share more, faster. From sharing photos on social media to video blogging and emailing large files, you’ll notice the difference.

Stay connected

With fast, reliable internet service by Verizon Fios, Philadelphia residents can keep in touch with friends and family, virtually anywhere where they live. Update your social media, video chat, play games together, and more with Fios.

More streaming

With Verizon, Philadelphia movie and music lovers have access to the fast speeds of a fiber-optic network. Stream and download movies with less buffering. Watch your favorite movies in HD and keep everyone happy.

Bundling Verizon services

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