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FiOS Digital Voice

Home Phone Service That Fits

FiOS Digital Voice provides the quality of a 100% fiber-optic network. And Verizon is America's top-rated phone service according to the American customer Satisfaction Index.1

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$ 79
99 /MO
For 2 yrs. w/ 2-yr agmt plus taxes, equip. charges & other fees.2

FiOS® Custom TV + FiOS® Internet 25/25 Mbps + FiOS® Digital Voice

Experience The Quality and Clarity of Fiber Optics

Verizon FiOS Digital Voice Gives Home Phones A Major Overhaul

FiOS Digital Voice is a game-changer for landline phone service. No longer are you confined to a residential phone line to make and receive calls. Now with Verizon home phone, your TV, computer and smartphone can work in harmony.

  • Never miss an important call.
  • Block telemarketers and other unwanted calls.
  • Check voicemail from your Verizon home phone on your laptop or smartphone, and much more!
Fiber Optic Cable

The FiOS Network

FiOS Digital Voice completes the FiOS family. Like FiOS Internet and TV, it's powered by Verizon's fiber-optic network. The same network that makes your Internet unbelievably fast and your TV flexible gives you dependable home phone service with clear, HD-like sound.

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The Features You Want

Get more than 20 intelligent calling features, many of which you can manage online. Assign specific rings to family and friends, block calls or numbers, listen to your voice mail and much more. FiOS Digital Voice offers the flexibility and reliability you need from your home phone service.

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Already have a landline? Upgrade to a Verizon Home Phone for enhanced communication

Verizon home phone is completely integrated with Verizon's 100% fiber-optic network. Unlike your traditional landline phone, FiOS Digital Voice seamlessly connects to FiOS Internet and FiOS TV to give you unprecedented control over how you make and receive calls.

FiOS Digital Voice puts the power in your hands.

  • · Talking to family and friends across the country is more affordable

  • · Protecting your home phone number from unwanted callers is easy

  • · Waiting by the phone for an important call is now a thing of the past

  • · Monitor outgoing and incoming calls with an easy-to-read call log

  • · Manage all your settings from a simplified Online Account Manager

Voice network with 99.9% reliability

The 100% fiber-optic network that sets FiOS® apart also delivers a unique digital voice experience. Call anywhere you want in the United States — and talk as long as you want too! With FiOS Digital Voice, you'll always receive unlimited domestic minutes. Verizon home phone was designed with easy operation and user-friendly features in mind!

With your Verizon home phone Online Account Manager, you can easily:

  • Set preferences for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Turn specific features on and off
  • Monitor a log of your most recent ingoing, outgoing and missed calls

FiOS Digital Voice Plans:

FiOS Digital Voice

  • Unlimited local, regional toll and long distance calling across the U.S. and to Canada and Puerto Rico
  • 20+ calling features including: Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting

FiOS Digital Voice Per Minute Plan

  • Outbound calls cost $0.05 per minute to destinations in the U. S. and to Canada and Puerto Rico
  • 20+ calling features including: Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, Speed Dialing

Verizon Home Phone Features

  • 20+ advanced calling features
  • Online Account Manager to change features settings
  • Unlimited domestic residential calling
  • Crystal-clear phone calls

FiOS Digital Voice Features


  • Caller ID

    See the name and number for most incoming calls.

  • Call Blocking

    Set your phone to automatically reject telemarketers and block up to 10 numbers from ever ringing.

  • Call Protection

    Block your information from appearing with your outgoing calls.


  • Voice Mail Via Email

    Receive a text message or email when you get a new voice mail.

  • Call Forwarding

    Have your calls forwarded up to three numbers, one at a time.

  • Stay Connected

    Get call logs of your most recent incoming, outgoing and missed calls, plus sync your calendar with your home phone!


  • Manage Anywhere

    Listen to your voice mail, return calls, manage call forwarding and more from your FiOS TV, PC or Droid smart phone.

  • Increased Control

    Send calls directly to voice mail, or screen callers with a "Do Not Disturb" message.

  • Multiple Numbers

    Get up to three additional phone numbers for the same phone and assign distinctive rings to each (additional charges apply).

TV, Computer, and phone

It’s Better In A Bundle!

Add FiOS Internet and FiOS TV and save!

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  • FiOS TV

    Hundreds of channels, brilliant HD picture quality, plus the flexibility to watch where you want.

  • FiOS Internet

    America's top rated Internet. Industry-leading speeds, unmatched customer satisfaction, at an affordable price.

  • Bundle and Save!

    Get FiOS TV, Internet and Digital Voice!

FiOS® Custom TV + FiOS® Internet 25/25 Mbps + FiOS® Digital Voice

$ 79
99 /MO
For 2 yrs. w/ 2-yr agmt plus taxes, equip. charges & other fees.2
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Unlimited Domestic Residential Calling

With the FiOS Digital Voice Plan, get 20+ calling features plus unlimited local, regional toll and long distance calling across the U.S. and to Canada and Puerto Rico.

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International Calling

Staying in touch with friends and family overseas has never been easier, or more affordable. FiOS Digital Voice offers low international calling plans to help you stay connected.

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TV, Laptop, and Phone

Add FiOS Digital Voice to other popular Verizon services

FiOS Digital Voice ensures complete integration with FiOS TV and FiOS High Speed Internet. When you bundle Verizon home phone with one or more additional services, you'll save money and see even bigger FiOS deals.

Check FiOS Availability In Your Area

FiOS availability stretches across the country. If you want to learn more about FiOS availability in your area, all you have to do is enter your zip code below. It's updated regularly, so you'll always see the latest information on where FiOS is currently available.

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