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Catch your favorite shows on your favorite channels – all on your compatible web-enabled devices!

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For 2 yrs. w/ 2-yr agmt plus taxes, equip. charges, FDV & other fees.2

FiOS® Custom TV + 25/25 Mbps Internet + Home Phone

Get the hottest TV shows and movies with FiOS® On Demand.

TV rated #1 in picture quality according to the 2015 American Customer Satisfaction index, ahead of Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, Charter, Cablevision, Bright House and DIRECTV and Dish.

Why conform to an inflexible cable TV schedule? Verizon FiOS On Demand lets you decide what you'll watch, and when you'll watch it.

Movies, hit TV shows and more, in a growing library. Whether it's an indie flick or a box-office hit you crave, it's here. Verizon FiOS On Demand delivers it to you with crystal-clear picture and sound. Have a movie night right at home!

TV showing Django Unchained

Movies On Demand? FiOS Delivers!

Don’t wait around for the hottest movies to come to the corner kiosk. With FiOS, On Demand movies can be yours every night of the week.

Find your favorite genres here!

  • Classic flicks – share films from your childhood with your kids
  • Comedy – for those nights when you just need a laugh
  • Drama – get caught up in a compelling storyline
  • Romance – go straight to the heart of the matter
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy – bring your fantasy world to your living room
  • Thrillers – stay on the edge of your seat!
  • Walt Disney features – classic or contemporary, on FiOS On Demand

Watch your favorite movies on Verizon FiOS

Don’t put life on hold to stay current on your favorite TV shows. With FiOS On Demand, watch favorite reality series or kids shows, on your schedule.

  • Have your own The Walking Dead marathon on a rainy weekend
  • Stay on pace with Togetherness on HBO® or Dexter on SHOWTIME®
  • Love Best New Restaurant? Watch the latest episodes on Bravo, with FiOS On Demand

It’s not just movies. The collection includes trendy TV series and more every month, which means tons of choices for you. With Verizon FiOS, movies and more are just a click away.

TV with channel Logos

Bring Verizon On Demand with you!

You’ve seen the amazing selection you enjoy with TV from Verizon FiOS. Movies, hit shows, On Demand titles and more. You can also catch all your favorite programming on your favorite compatible device!

FiOS can deliver it all. Where can you watch TV and movies?

  • At the park or practice field, on your tablet
  • On your smartphone at the airport, doctor’s office or on the bus
  • In the comfort of home, from your laptop
Tablet showing Lord of the Rings

Why On Demand?

It’s the Verizon On Demand app you can download for free. It works for compatible web-enabled devices, such as:

· PCs · Laptops · Tablets · Smartphones

Buy or rent movies On Demand. FiOS clarity of sound and stunning picture quality create a theater-like experience, wherever you watch.

Pick from more than 100,000 On Demand titles!3 Look for your favorites, something you’ve never seen, or a little of both!

Apps deliver the most from Verizon FiOS On Demand

Movies, shows, games and more at your fingertips, with go-anywhere TV. Download the Verizon FiOS Mobile App from the iTunes Store or Amazon Kindle store.4

The app advantage

  • Watch loads of movies on Verizon FiOS On Demand, virtually anywhere in your home
  • Your enabled device becomes a remote control for an HD set top box
  • Stream select TV channels, with FiOS on Demand
  • Manage your recording schedule for your multi-room DVR

Watch movies on demand, and more, on your compatible smart phone or tablet!

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