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What does that mean for you and your family?

Forget about fighting over storage space on the DVR. With the capacity to record many hours of HD programming, everyone can watch his or her favorite show — or even an entire series. Plus, Fios brings premium entertainment options to the devices you use most. With a compatible device such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet, you can watch your favorite channels and control your DVR from virtually anywhere. With Verizon Fios, you aren’t constrained to the living room TV to get the most from your entertainment. Upgrade your TV-viewing experience with Fios Quantum TV, and worry less about missing episodes of your favorite shows. Start getting more out of your TV and other entertainment devices now.

Why upgrade?

Fios Quantum TV is revolutionizing TV to bring you a better entertainment experience, with the control to watch your programs on your schedule. Fios Quantum TV is a powerful recording and storage service. If your home has many TVs or your family likes to record, it’s a great option for you. With our DVR’s impressive recording capacity, your household can end the war for DVR storage space. Everyone can record and save their favorite programs and watch them whenever they want. Get out of the past and get Fios Quantum TV from Verizon.

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