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Bundling: Why it’s the Best Option for Your Home Services

Looking for a new Internet plan? Make sure you check out bundles for extra savings. Internet service providers will often offer home phone and TV bundles that you can add to your Internet plan.

Why bundle services? Here are the top two reasons:

  1. You can save money each month: Internet service providers usually offer a special bundle price that is lower than if you purchased each service separately.
  2. You will only have one bill to pay: When you have a different provider for Internet, home phone and TV, you’ll have to deal with the hassle of paying three different bills each month. When you bundle, you can not only cut how much money you owe, you cut your bills from three to just one.

Internet, phone, TV bundles

Many service providers offer “double play” and “triple play” deals, which let you bundle two or three services together.

Double Play

When you bundle two services together, you get a double play. The most popular combinations are TV and Internet bundles. However, some companies allow for other bundles, such as Internet and home phone.

A double play is the first step to saving money. When you bundle two services together, you’ll typically get a discount on each of the services. Saving a little money on your bill each month can add up to a lot of savings by the end of the year.

Triple Play

A triple play is usually the best way to go if you’re looking to save the most money. With a triple play, you’ll get TV, Internet and home phone service. In most cases, the more services you bundle together, the more you’ll save on each individual service.

If you have a cell phone, you may be torn between choosing a double or a triple play. A lot of people opt to always use their cell phones instead of subscribing to a home phone service.

However, having a home phone can still be useful. Home phone service is usually pretty inexpensive and may help you save your mobile minutes for talking on-the-go. Internet providers often let you add home phone to your plan for just a little extra – so it’s definitely worth looking into a triple play.

Besides saving mobile minutes, what are the benefits of a home phone? For one, you always have reliable service. Overall, it’s a safe and reliable addition to your Internet package.

Bundling products from multiple providers

Some providers offer unique Internet bundles. They’ll allow you to purchase their Internet service and then offer a deal for TV service from another provider. This is a good option if your provider does not offer all three services in your area.


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