How Fiber Adds Value to Your Home


What can fiber do for your home? For one, fiber-optic Internet provides incredible speeds that many competitors can’t match. With fiber, you can do more online – from browsing websites to streaming video to downloading large files.

But fiber’s not just great for when you’re online. Along with getting an unbeatable Internet connection, fiber customers could be increasing their perceived home value – by up to $5,000.

Fiber and your home

So – how can your Internet service affect the value of your home?

All your home’s features can impact its appraisal. There’s the size and condition of the house. The school district it’s in. The acreage of the property. Interior and exterior materials. Landscaping, design and appliances. Even the state of your neighbor’s yard can affect your home value.

And your Internet connection? That factors in, too.

Fiber is valuable because it’s the newest and best in Internet access. recommends getting fiber Internet if it’s available in your area.

Having the latest Internet technology can also increase the interest of potential buyers, improving the value of your home. And since fiber is relatively new and only available in certain areas, houses that are equipped for fiber optics are worth more.

How much will it really add?

We can tell you fiber will add value to your home. But you’re probably wondering – exactly how much?

Market researchers at the Fiber-to-the-Home Council estimate that fiber access could add up to $5,000 to your home value.

And fiber-optic Internet doesn’t only improve homes. It’s great for communities, too. Fiber-ready areas are more attractive to businesses, especially tech companies that rely on the fastest Internet speeds. More businesses mean more jobs – and a better economy. And fiber Internet access can also improve public services, including healthcare, safety and education.

Fiber-optic Internet is making homes – and communities – better. And fiber is only expanding!


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