The Internet of Things in Everyday Life

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The internet of things (IoT), or the billions of internet-connected smart devices that currently make up our everyday lives, is improving the way humans function. These internet-connected "things" collect data via sensors, and can be used to create innovative solutions to problems like traffic, parking, and waste management.

What "things" make up the internet of things?


Cities around the globe are implementing internet-connected devices and software to improve quality of life. These “smart cities” are widely considered to be the future of our world.

What are Smart Cities?

A smart city is an urban area that uses the internet of things to collect and provide information to effectively manage city-wide assets and resources.

of US cities are investing in smart city technology, and 25% are exploring ways to implement it1

What does a smart city look like?

What does a smart city look like?

Where are Smart Cities?

Smart Cities Boston, MA: Newark, NJ: Westfield, NJ: Elizabeth, NJ: Asbury Park, NJ: Annapolis, MD: Hanover, MD: Silver Spring, MD: Chicago, IL: Nevada, IA: Kansas City, MO: Champaign, IL: Washington, DC: Burnsville, MN: Charleston, SC: Atlanta, GA: Conyers, GA: Marietta, GA: Lithonia, GA: Jacksonville, FL: Charlotte, NC: EC Birmingham, AL: Irondale, AL: Houston, TX: Austin, TX: Round Rock, TX: Cedar Park, TX: San Antonio, TX: Miami, FL: Philadelphia, PA: New York, NY: Schenectady, NY: Columbus, OH: Granville, OH: Dearborn, MI: Denver, CO: Ketchum, ID: Portland, OR: Seattle, WA: Sacramento, CA: San Francisco, CA: Fremont, CA: Milpitas, CA: Santa Clara, CA: Lancaster, CA: San Jose, CA: Los Angeles, CA: Brea, CA: Ontario, CA: Orange County, CA: San Diego, CA: Pleasanton, CA: Phoenix, AZ: Maui, HI:
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Smart Cities




  Public Wi-Fi

  Waste Management

  Smart Water Meter

  Public Transportation

  Smart Policing Initiative (SPI)

  Array of Things (AoT)


Envision Charlotte

Mobile Police Record Access for Officers

Infrastructure Sensors

Connected Cars

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Environmental Sensors


Improved Infrastructure

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Smart Cities

Smart Water Icon
Burnsville, MN:
Smart water meters automatically send meter reads to municipal utility departments.

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Envision Charlotte
Charlotte, NC:
The Envision Charlotte program improves sustainability and quality of life by creating environmental sustainability and strengthening economic competitiveness.

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Public Signs
Ketchum, ID:
The Walkable Ketchum Project creates better signs, infrastructure, and public policies to improve quality of life for Ketchum residents.

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Smart LED
Schenectady, NY:
Smart LED technology, city-wide Wi-Fi, and augmented video surveillance connect the city and increase sustainability and safety.

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What is the future of Smart City technology?

street lights
By 2020,
there will be 9.7 billion urban appliances connected to the internet, including street lights, parking meters, pollution monitors, traffic lights, and buildings.

Future City
By 2050,
2/3 of the people on the planet will be living in cities.

of the global smart city market is projected to go toward smart industry automation in 2019.

ioT Revenue
By 2026,
smart city and IoT technology revenue is expected to be worth $62 billion.

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