Tips to Ensure a Strong Internet Connection


A bad Internet connection is beyond frustrating – costing you time and sometimes even money. If you ever have trouble with a slow Internet connection, try these tips:

Put your router in a central location

Sure, a router isn’t the most beautiful home decoration, but you shouldn’t hide it in the back room. To get the best Internet connection, put your router in a central place. This way, no matter what room you’re in, you’ll have the best connection and fastest Internet speed. If you always use your devices in the same room, put your router as close to those devices as possible.

Don’t have too many programs running at once

After you install a software application on your computer, it might be running nonstop without you even knowing it. Check your computer to see what programs are open that don’t need to be (or that you could even uninstall). Freeing up some space and closing these programs might significantly help your Internet connection.

Do a speed test

If you have a bad Internet connection and it’s not the fault of your modem or computer, it might be your Internet provider. Use a speed test website, like Ookla, to find out your Internet speed and get the most accurate results within seconds. You might find out you are not getting the speeds that you pay for. After you perform a speed test, consider the following:

Sign up with a more reliable Internet provider

When Internet providers advertise speeds, they focus on the maximum speeds you could get, but you might get speeds that are much lower. If you find that you are not getting what you pay for, consider a different Internet provider.

Have a fast enough Mbps plan

If your Internet speed does not meet your needs, find an Internet provider that offers high speeds to fit your lifestyle. With higher speeds, you can quickly download movies, stream music and upload pictures without Internet connection issues. The only way to really ensure you have the best connection is to make sure you have the right Internet speed that accommodates your online needs.


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