What is On Demand?


Remember the days when you had to drive out of your way to rent a movie, just to do the same thing the next day for a return? Boy, how times have changed.

With On Demand, you can choose from tons of titles to watch, without ever leaving your living room. Depending on your TV provider, you can access thousands of titles, so there’s always something you haven’t seen. New movies and the latest TV episodes are typically added on a regular basis, so you get to watch the most highly rated titles.

How it works

With On Demand, you can watch movies and TV shows whenever you want, all without leaving your house. You can choose to rent and enjoy a title for a certain time period, or buy and have it available whenever you want. The price varies for each movie and TV episode, depending on whether you choose to rent or buy in SD or HD, and depending on which TV provider you have.

Every genre

There are comedies for an at-home date night and cartoons for the whole family to enjoy on Friday after school. Everything from sci-fi and documentaries, to dramas and musicals are available On Demand.

How is On Demand changing entertainment?

Thanks to On Demand technology, the way we consume content has changed. We don’t have to go to the theater anymore to see new movies; in many cases, we can simply order a recent release on our phones. In fact, some movies and TV shows are only being released On Demand.

Are we sacrificing the cultural movie-going experience by watching entertainment in our homes, instead of in public? Or have we replaced this sense of community with social media sites, like Twitter? What do you think?

One thing is clear: On Demand is convenient, easy, and here to stay. At least until it’s replaced by something else.


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