Why Does Internet Speed Matter?


For many people, Internet speed doesn’t translate into anything meaningful. They can’t put into words the difference between 3, 50 and 500 Megabits per second, or Mbps.

Internet speed is important to understand, especially in today’s technological world. Almost every household has multiple web-enabled devices – smartphones, laptops, tablets and gaming systems. With the fastest Internet speeds, you can get the best use out of all your gadgets.

Choose only the fastest Internet

The slow speeds of cable and satellite Internet bring along a lot of hassle for Internet users. Everything you love to do – gaming, surfing the web, downloading and watching movies – is slowed down and delayed. It can be nearly impossible to use multiple web-enabled devices at once, and it can take more than an hour to download media or upload photos.

If you spend a lot of time online, you need the fastest Internet speeds. Fiber-optic Internet provides users with the high speeds they need to get everything done without delays.

Get online and the fiber-optic cable transmits the data signal to your home via laser-generated pulses of light. This signal is then converted by an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) to be understood by your computer. Because the ONT is at your home, you get faster Internet speeds that aren’t compromised by others’ Internet use. With these speeds, you can:

  • Power multiple web-enabled devices at once
  • Avoid the hassle of buffering and lag
  • Get your favorite entertainment and share your most recent photos faster

Use more devices at once

Your Internet speed slows when you use multiple Internet devices. With the fastest speeds of fiber-optic Internet, you can use all your web-enabled devices at once without the result of slow Internet.

The speed of your Internet should not limit your ability to multitask. Watch a movie on your laptop and tweet about it from your phone without any delays. With faster Internet, your entire household can be logged on at once.

Download in less time

You need the Internet to do more than just surf the web. Internet speed is important when you download your favorite movies, TV shows and albums.

With a faster Internet connection, you won’t have to spend more than a few minutes waiting for something to load, even an HD movie. With fiber-optic Internet, you’ll spend more time enjoying your entertainment instead of waiting for it to load.

Upload faster

With a slow Internet connection, you’ll spend hours uploading your photos. A faster connection allows you to upload the images to your computer in just a few minutes. Then e-mail, share on Facebook or post them on your blog almost instantly



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