Why choose Fios over Cable

What makes Fios by Verizon better than cable? Better technology. Fios is built on a 100% fiber-optic network and delivers internet, TV and phone an all-fiber network directly to your home. Only Fios customers get upload speeds as fast as their download speeds. Don’t settle for less than 100% of the internet. Compare Fios vs. cable, then build your custom Fios package to experience the difference for yourself.

Setting the standard.

Experts believe that Fios network technology is the Gold Standard for Internet and entertainment delivery.

Whether you’re comparing Fios vs. Comcast, Fios vs. Time Warner or Fios vs. Optimum, you’ll find Fios consistently comes out on top. If you’re in the market for internet or TV service, Verizon is the natural choice when comparing cable vs. Fios services.

Even when you compare Xfinity vs. Fios, Fios wins. Fios offers fast upload and download speeds – and is the most reliable internet available. Get the fastest internet in the U.S.

Get out of the past and get Fios.

The future of the internet is built on fiber.

Support multiple devices.

The number of web-enabled devices in homes is steadily increasing. Fios gives you enough bandwidth to power multiple devices with less lag and buffering.  The kids can game in one room while Mom uploads a family video in another and Dad streams the latest episode of his favorite series on his tablet. With Fios, everyone in the house can get online with virtually no slowdown.
Plus, only Fios customers get upload speeds as fast as their download speeds. That makes sharing a breeze. You’ll be able to post high-resolution photos, HD videos, and more online almost as fast as you can create them.  Do more of what you love online with Fios Internet.

Switching to Fios is easier than you think

One of the best reasons to get Fios vs. cable is hassle-free installation. In fact, if your home is already wired for fiber optics, you may have the option of installing the Verizon equipment yourself. Our customer service experts will let you know during the ordering process if you have the option of installing the equipment without the aid of a Verizon technician. If eligible, you’ll receive your equipment kit after your order is complete, and it’ll have all the components you need to get up and running fast. Even if you can’t do a self-installation, it’s easy to switch to Fios. Simply choose a date that’s convenient for you. Your Fios technician will even ensure your Wi-Fi devices are connected to your new network. Now that’s service.

Overall Satisfaction Rating

Fios Internet has been rated #1 in speed satisfaction for 13 years in a row.

Fios is also more likely than Comcast, Spectrum, Optimum, and Cox to be recommended by customers to friends and family.

Make the switch to Fios today. You’ll notice the difference.