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150/150 Mbps Internet, Custom TV & Home Phone

$79.99/mo for yr 1, $84.99/mo for yr 2 with a 2-yr agmt + taxes, RSN, FDV & other fees & $12/mo. STB equip. charges1
  • HBO® or Multi-room DVR Service included for 2 years.1
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Fiber optics are the key to Fios service.

Call us to check Verizon Fios availability in your neighborhood.

Better bundles begin with fiber.

Make the most of your Verizon Fios service by bundling Fios Custom TV, Fios Internet, and Fios Digital Voice. You’ll get an even better value, and save time by consolidating all your entertainment services on one convenient bill. One billing date, one 24/7 support line, and three excellent services.

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Why Fios?

Fios is ideal for power users and households with many Web-connected devices or many internet users. No network is better equipped than Fios to support multiple devices and users simultaneously. With Fios, you’ll get plenty of bandwidth to share. Everyone in the house can stream, game and browse social media – all at once.

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Current Verizon Fios availability

The Verizon Fios availability map currently covers 20 cities. The following cities have Verizon coverage:

Is Verizon Fios coverage in my area?

Thank you for your interest. Service availability is subject to change, and may vary within cities in the coverage area. To learn if Verizon coverage is in your area, have your ZIP code ready and check the Verizon Fios availability map.

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No Verizon Fios coverage in your area?

You may still be eligible for Verizon coverage. Check out these other home services.