Verizon Fios in Jersey City

Fios Jersey City Availability

Get the power of a fiber-optic network. With Verizon Fios, Jersey City residents can upgrade their internet, phone and TV services to future-ready fiber-optic technology. Internet powered by Fios is fast and reliable, with enough bandwidth for multiple devices.

Exceptional service

Want fast internet speeds and great entertainment options? Get that and more with Verizon Fios. Jersey City residents in some neighborhoods now qualify for better internet and TV. The Verizon Fios network in Jersey City is fiber-optic, which means superior speed and reliability on a network  you can count on, even when your neighbors are online. Get out of the past and get Fios. Jersey City residents are already making the switch to better.

Fios Mix & Match for Jersey City

Do more with Verizon Fios in Jersey City.

Break the bundle, Jersey City. With Fios Mix & Match, you can pick your own perfect package with the services you want. Choose your Fios Internet plan, then add other services like Fios TV or Fios Digital Phone, or don’t. The choice is yours.

What could you do with Fios Internet?

Get fast, reliable internet with Verizon. Jersey City residents are eligible for the Fios fiber-optic network.

Be social

Email, video chat, stream videos and more.

Upload more

Share photos and videos with little to no wait time


Connect multiple compatible devices and watch your favorite shows on the go.

Stay current

Manage your finances and pay bills with a fast, reliable Fios connection.

More entertainment

Access top movies, music and TV shows.

Explore Fios services.

Fios TV

With Fios, Jersey City residents can add any TV plan to their internet package. Fios TV includes the types of channels watched most frequently and includes great features, like On Demand, with thousands of movies to choose from. Plus, with the Fios™  TV App,  you can stream your favorite shows virtually anywhere on your compatible smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Fios Digital Voice

With Verizon, Jersey City customers get access to high-quality Unlimited and Per Minute plan options, with both domestic service and international service to eleven countries. With Fios, Jersey City residents have access to popular calling features like Call Waiting and Three-Way Calling. Add Fios Digital Voice today.

Fios Internet

Do more with Verizon Fios. Jersey City residents can call today to get started with the power of our 100% fiber-optic network. When you call, a Fios representative will be happy to help you configure your ideal package. Get the services you need and the value you want with Fios Mix & Match. Jersey City, what are you waiting for?

Break the bundle, Jersey City.

Don’t settle for a bundle you don’t need. With Fios Mix & Match, Jersey City residents can create their ideal Fios package, with as many or as few Fios services as they need. Call today to find out if your home is eligible for an upgrade to Verizon Fios. Jersey City internet is better on Verizon Fios.