Fios in Philadelphia is better than ever.

How does the Fios TV Test Drive work?

Opt in

Sign up for Fios Gigabit Connection with TV and opt in to the Fios Test Drive, a Fios TV special offer in limited areas of Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Start watching

You’ll get full access to 425+ TV channels including premium channels for 60 days. You can watch on your TV or stream on your compatible mobile device.

See plans

After 30 days, we’ll have a good idea of what you like and we’llmake a TV plan recommendation. If things change, we’ll update the plans too.

Sign up

After 60 days, the Fios TV Test Drive ends. You can select the Fios TV plan we recommend, or any other plan. The final choice is all yours.

Verizon Fios Philadelphia availability

Searching for better internet? With Verizon Fios, Philadelphia residents can bundle home services in a Fios Double Play or Triple Play. Verizon Fios offers a fast and reliable connection for streaming, browsing, and sharing. Call today to learn about Fios availability in your neighborhood.

Go faster with fiber optics

With Verizon Fios, Philadelphia can upgrade to better internet.

More bandwidth

Bandwidth measures the amount of data your network can transmit simultaneously. More bandwidth means you’ll be able to use multiple devices at once. With Fios, Philadelphia subscribers can stream, game online, and more, with fiber-optic speed.

More sharing

Want to know what you can do with Fios speeds by Verizon? Philadelphia customers can share more, faster. From sharing photos on social media to video blogging and emailing large files, you’ll notice the difference.

Stay connected

With fast, reliable internet service by Verizon Fios, Philadelphia residents can keep in touch with friends and family, virtually anywhere where they live. Update your social media, video chat, play games together, and more with Fios.

More streaming

With Verizon, Philadelphia movie and music lovers have access to the fast speeds of a fiber-optic network. Stream and download movies with less buffering. Watch your favorite movies in HD and keep everyone happy.

Bundling Verizon services

Fios TV

Get first-class entertainment from Verizon. Philadelphia residents can now upgrade to Fios TV for a variety of popular channels, including local sports favorites like Comcast SportsNet and the Comcast Network. Download the Fios™ TV app, and you can stream TV shows and movies on the go – and schedule your DVR remotely. Your Fios DVR makes it easy to watch your favorite shows on your schedule. Plus, when you order Verizon Fios, Philadelphia residents have access to the expansive Fios On Demand library, with thousands of movie and TV options to choose from, many for free.

Fios DIgital Voice

Keep in touch with friends and family with Verizon Fios. Philadelphia customers get their choice of international and domestic calling plans. Plus, with Verizon, Philadelphia residents have access to 20+ calling features, Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and much more. Bundle Digital Voice with Fios Internet for a Double Play bundle the whole family will love.

Want a Triple Play?

Bundle Digital Voice with Fios TV and fiber-optic internet to get all Fios has to offer in a full-featured Fios Triple Play. Call today to find out if Fios is available in your neighborhood. Philadelphia residents can save more when they bundle.

Do more with Fios, Philadelphia.

Interested in a Fios bundle? Get a Double Play or Triple Play powered by Verizon Fios. Philadelphia residents can combine fast internet with great entertainment options and a calling plan for exceptional value and convenience. Call today to experience the Fios difference for yourself.

Switch to the power of fiber optic internet.

Switch to superior home services with Verizon Fios. Philadelphia residents in many neighborhoods are now eligible for internet, phone, and cable services. Philadelphia families like yours are making the switch to better internet, TV, and Fios digital voice. Check to see if Fios is available at your address.