Want Verizon Fios, Richmond?

For faster internet, better TV and crystal-clear calling, upgrade your home to Verizon Fios. Richmond homeowners can join our 100% fiber-optic network.

Verizon Fios services

With Verizon Fios, Richmond residents get a whole-home upgrade.

Fios Internet

Enjoy faster, more reliable Internet when you choose Verizon Fios. Richmond subscribers get blazing-fast upload and download speeds for a superior Internet experience. Lots of Internet-lovers in your house? No problem. A Fios connection can support multiple devices without breaking a sweat. Switch to Fios for bandwidth to share and reliable speed.

Fios TV

What can you get with TV by Verizon Fios? Richmond customers can have their choice of traditional Fios TV plans with a huge collection of hit shows, blockbusters and more. You can also choose YouTube TV to stream live TV. Not sure what channel lineup you want? Let us recommend one for you with Your Fios TV. Discover your perfect Fios package with Mix & Match.

Digital Voice

Add Fios Digital Voice to your package for a reliable, full-featured home phone. Ensure your loved ones can reach you with a reliable home phone powered by Fios. Digital phone service means clear connections and excellent call quality, with virtually no distortion or dropped calls. A home phone is an economical way to stay connected.

Fios Mix & Match

Mix & Match plans lets Richmond residents create their ideal Fios package. Don’t settle for a bundle you don’t want. With Mix & Match, you can pick your own package with the services you want. Start by choosing a Fios Internet plan, then select any additional services like Fios TV or Fios Digital Voice. Your package is up to you.

Verizon Fios, Richmond style.

What can you get with Fios package?

Fios quality

In the crowded landscape of Internet and TV providers, Fios stands out. That’s because it’s the fastest and most reliable Internet available — and has entertainment powered by America’s most preferred TV service provider.4 Want Verizon Fios? Richmond neighborhoods may be eligible.

Transparent Pricing

Fios prices come without surprises. Pay for what you want and leave the stress of surprise costs behind. Fios plans also come with no annual contracts.

One support line

Have questions about your TV equipment, home network, or Fios Digital Voice calling features? You’ll know who to call. For Fios Richmond customers, a friendly Fios representative is never more than a phone call away.

Personalized Packages

With Fios Mix & Match, you can create whatever package you want. Whether you only need internet or want whole-home connection, Fios has the services to power all your network users and devices.

Verizon: Richmond availability

Call now to learn more about Fios availability and get the services you need for your home, powered by Verizon. Richmond availability is expanding and varies by neighborhood; find out if your home is eligible for service through Verizon. Richmond homeowners just like you are making the switch.

Moving to Richmond?

Check out the city’s website, local newspaper, and moving companies in the area – then call us to purchase or transfer your internet, TV, and phone by Verizon.