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Fios Gigabit Connection, TV, Phone with a 2-year Price Guarantee

$79.99/mo w/ Auto Pay & 2-yr. agmt., plus taxes, equip. charges & other fees. Up to 940/880 Mbps
  • + Fios TV Test Drive
  • + Fios TV One
  • + $200 Visa® Prepaid Card
$200 Visa Prepaid Card

Verizon Fios Syracuse availability

Good news: you may be able to get Verizon Fios in Syracuse. Call to upgrade your whole home with better internet, TV, and phone powered by Verizon Fios. Syracuse residents are already making the switch and experiencing the difference a fiber-optic network can make. Call us today to get Fios.

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Services by Verizon Fios in Syracuse

Bundling services by Verizon Fios in Syracuse

With an upgrade to Verizon, Syracuse residents can get better internet, TV, and phone – or all three. Build a customized Triple Play to make the most of the powerful tech behind Verizon Fios. Syracuse Fios bundles combine first-rate services for the ultimate value and convenience.

What could you do with Verizon Fios in Syracuse?

What a difference fiber-optics makes.

Share more

Verizon Fios customers can get matching upload and download speeds to share what matters faster via social media and email.  Post your videos and photos almost as quickly as you take them. Whether you need to work from home, collaborate, or manage your social media accounts, do it better with Fios.

Watch your favorites

Fios Custom TV plans offer TV on your terms. Choose your lineup with a Custom TV – Essentials or Custom TV – Sports & More Channel Pack, then personalize your plan with Optional Channel Packs (for an additional monthly charge.). With the Movie Lovers Pack, a Kids, Teens, & Family Pack, and a Global Sports Pack, everyone in the house can watch what they love.

Stream better

If you’ve ever had sluggish internet, you know buffering can take the fun out of streaming. Enjoy your music and movies with virtually no delays when you switch to Verizon Fios. Syracuse subscribers get plenty of speed and bandwidth to power multiple devices simultaneously. With Fios, everyone in the house can get online — all at once.

Stay connected

It’s easy to keep in touch with a Fios bundle. Fios speed and bandwidth allow you to chat, email, and video chat with virtually no lagging, even when other users are streaming or playing online games elsewhere in the house. Add Fios Digital Voice, and get the peace of mind of a reliable phone connection – and conserve your cellular minutes, too.

Fios deals

Considering Fios? We’re glad to hear it. Some Verizon Syracuse bundles may be eligible for promotions and other special offers. Call us to find out if Fios is available in your area – and what offers are available near you. We’ll help you build your perfect Fios plan.