What is a Fios Double Play?

Welcome to the future. Experience the fastest Internet available from Verizon Fios.

With a Fios Double Play, you can pair Verizon Internet with TV or Digital Voice service and enjoy more amazing features for your home. Get the convenience of both services packaged in one, single bill. With our 100% fiber-optic connection, crystal-clear call quality and thousands of On Demand titles available from Fios TV, you can’t go wrong.

Verizon Internet with TV or Digital Voice

Pair two services and make it a Fios Double Play.

Fios Internet and TV

Verizon Fios TV and Internet bundles offer the speed you need and the entertainment you want. Choose from internet and TV options to create a Double Play the whole family will love. As part of a Verizon Fios Double Play, Fios Internet packages boast download and upload speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 940/880 Mbps in some areas. Whatever you like to do online, there’s a Fios Internet bundle for you.

Fios Internet and Home Phone

Crystal-clear call, advanced calling features and affordable service? That’s phone service the Verizon Fios way. We also offer advanced calling features such as call waiting and email integration for voicemail. Pair Verizon Fios Internet and phone on the 100% fiber optic network and you’ve got yourself a Double Play unlike any other.

Benefits of bundling Verizon Fios

We have the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Residential Internet Service in the East, 6 Years in a Row.” Experience the fastest and most reliable Internet available on our 100% fiber-optic network.

Custom TV packages

Sports fan? News junkie? Movie buff? With Fios TV from Verizon, you can customize your TV plan based on the types of channels you like watching most. That means you won’t have to pay for channels you never watch. Plus, you’ll have access to thousands of On-Demand shows and movies and on-the-go entertainment from our Fios TV app.

Premium channels

Screen new movies and captivating TV shows from the comfort of your couch. Binge-watch the Fios way with access to premium movie channels like SHOWTIME and STARZ.

Crystal-clear quality

Whether it’s clear calls, HD television or lightning-fast downloads, Verizon Fios can offer you the best services in the business. And with Verizon Internet on the 99.9% reliable network, you can feel confident in your service.

Fios Triple Play

Combine Internet, TV and phone for the ultimate Verizon Fios package.

You can get all of your home services from one, reliable place with the convenience of one monthly bill. When you choose a Triple Play Fios package, you’ll get three services at an incredible value. Build your own Triple Play bundle today and see how much you can save.

Want even more?

Fios Double Play customers get two superior home services at one great price. If your needs include internet, TV, and home phone service, consider a Fios Triple Play to get all three with bundle pricing. Simplify your monthly billing by consolidating your home services in a Fios bundle.