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Fios Internet is rated #1 for speed of data transfer. Whether you’re streaming, sharing, shopping or surfing, Fios brings you the fast connection you deserve.


Fios Internet is rated #1 for quality. It’s also rated #1 for the reliability of speed and service consistency. Switch to Fios and enjoy Internet that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Customer Service

Fios Internet is rated #1 for call center satisfaction. Whether you’re upgrading your current Fios plan or purchasing your first Internet plan, you can expect incredible customer service.


Fios Internet is rated #1 in customer satisfaction four years in a row. Choose Fios for award-winning, trustworthy service you can count on.

Verizon Fios reviews from customers.

Reviews from the experts are valuable, but reviews from actual customers are the true test of success. How easy is switching to Fios? A recent Fios Internet review of current customers confirmed: Fios customers are pleased.

Verizon Fios customers rated the Verizon Fios order experiences 9.1 / 10 stars, based on 1,070 customer reviews as of June 28, 2017.

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