Moving out? Take Fios with you.

Fios and your move.

Current customers

Moving is a lot of work. We can’t wrap your china or label your moving boxes, but we can check Fios availability at your new place. It will only take a few minutes.

Future customers

If you’re moving to an area where there’s Fios, moving time is an opportunity to upgrade your home entertainment experience. Call today to make the switch to Fios.

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Bundle Up with Verizon

Moving your Fios service to another address? It’s easy to add other essential Fios services to the fiber-optic internet you love.

Fios Digital Voice | Stay connected with the voice quality and reliability of a 100% fiber-optic network. Add your choice of 20+ calling features to personalize your home phone.

Fios TV | Get your favorite channels, many in stunning HD. With Custom TV, you’ll only pay for the types of channels you want to watch. Access thousands of On Demand Titles, upgrade to premium sports packages, and more.

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Why Verizon Fios?

Choosing Fios ensures you’ll stay connected with a reliable fiber-optic network. Fios Internet and TV plans are the perfect balance between quality and value.

Fiber-optic speed and reliability make all the difference. Moving across town or across the country? Move Fios with you. Transferring and upgrading your plan is easy – we’re happy to help. Call us today to get started.

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Don’t settle for less than 100% of the internet at your new place.

50/50Mbps | Enough power for the family to work and play online

  • Upload 200 full-quality photos (250MB) in 40 seconds1
  • Download an HD movie (5GB) in 13.7 minutes1

100/100 Mbps | Connect the entire family on all enabled devices

  • Upload 200 full-quality photos (250MB) in 20 seconds1
  • Download an HD movie (5GB) in 6.8 minutes1

150/150Mbps | For high-tech households that need speed for constant activity

  • Upload 200 full-quality photos (250MB) in 13.3 seconds1
  • Download an HD movie (5GB) in 4.6 minutes1

300/300Mbps | Need even more power? This plan packs a punch

  • Upload 200 full-quality photos (250MB) in 6.7 seconds1
  • Download an HD movie (5GB) in 2.3 minutes1

500/500 Mbps | The fastest speed available. Edit film, video conference and connect your smart home

  • Upload 200 full-quality photos (250MB) in 4 seconds1
  • Download an HD movie (5GB) in 1.4 minutes1