Break the Bundle with Fios

More for less

Save on individual Fios services with Verizon Fios, and simplify your home services onto one convenient bill with a single billing date and installation appointment. If you have a question about any of your services, our knowledgeable customer support agents are available to help 24/7.

Cutting-edge technology

Get out of the past and get Fios. Our Fios network technology offers a faster, more reliable internet connection for all your devices. Shop online today to make the perfect Verizon Fios package for you.

Get more with Fios

Verizon bundles that used to include TV, fiber internet, and home phone can now be customized to fit your needs. Premium movie channels, reliable home phone service and fast internet can be yours today. Check online to see if there are any Verizon Fios deals available in your area.

Now go mix and match.

Want internet? Pick your speed.

Want TV? Pick your package.

Want extras? Pick what you need.

Verizon packages to fit your lifestyle.

Just Fios Internet

Looking for Verizon Fios deals? How about this deal: Fios offers the fastest and most reliable internet available. What could be better than faster streaming, upload and download speeds for all your devices? Explore Verizon plans to upgrade your home phone and entertainment experiences when you sign up for faster internet.

Add TV

Choose two Verizon Fios services and you’ve built a traditional Verizon Double Play. It’s that easy. Get fast Fios Internet and combine your internet service with advanced, high-quality Fios TV. Get the speed you need, the features you want, and the quality of service you deserve with Verizon Fios packages.

Add More

Looking for a traditional Verizon Triple Play? You can still get all three Fios services for your home. In addition to more internet speed, you can get premium TV entertainment and reliable home phone with Mix & Match and stay connected to loved ones near and far with Fios Digital Voice.

Verizon Fios packages are for everyone.

Depend on Fios for fast, reliable internet – and on Fios TV for first-class entertainment. Whether you watch only a few channels or want a fully-loaded lineup with premium movies and sports, Verizon Fios packages fit the bill. Add Fios Digital Voice service for $20/month more to complete your plan.

Make the move to Verizon Fios.

Check out why Fios is the talk of the town.

Premium entertainment

Fios TV offers an advanced DVR, On Demand titles (many of which are free) and add-on premium movie channels. With the Fios TV app, you can stream on the go, manage your DVR recordings from afar, and even use your compatible smartphone as a TV remote.

Fast, reliable internet

Anything less than Fios is, well, less than Fios. What can you do with reliable Fios speed? Share photos faster, stream music and play your favorite games with virtually no buffering.

Crystal-clear phone

It’s easy to keep in touch with reliable Fios Digital Voice service. Save cellular minutes at home — and ensure your friends and family can reach you in case of an emergency. Shop Verizon Fios plans, and add home phone service to your internet and TV package today.

The whole package

Combine internet, Fios Digital Voice, and TV to create your plan. Get crystal-clear picture quality from Fios TV, fast internet, and reliable phone service through Fios Digital Voice. Get it all with Verizon Fios. Shop online and check to see if Fios is available in your area.

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